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Tips for a tech savvy home work space

15th December 2016

Whether you've relinquished the five-day working week or you just work on the weekends; either way you're going to need a tech savvy workstation.

Here are some handy and helpful tips to felicitate crazy amounts of emails and skype conferences.

A reliable router

How many items do you things, on average are connect to your router at a home? It’s just hit 7 according ABS statistics.

When working from home, you need a router that can handle the load and which will allow you to video-conference and download documents at a decent speed.

For space conscious people, ‘modem router’ is for you (where the router is built into the modem) but you can always purchase a dedicated router to distribute the connection to multiple devices.

The perfect computer

If you’re often out and about meeting clients, then maybe a lightweight laptop and a decent-sized monitor at home is the perfect combination. Need more power to run capacity greedy programs like some designers? Then maybe opt for a desktop computer with some real kick! Other things to consider when selecting a laptop include:

  • Weight
  • Internal storage (hard drive size)
  • Battery life
  • Preferred operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Screen display resolution/quality and number of screens
  • Processing speed
  • RAM
  • Built-in camera for video conferencing

Access to music streaming

Create some virtual background noise while you work from home by streaming your favorite tunes while you work. A music streaming subscription lets you listen around the clock and with nbn unlimited, stream it till you don’t wanna stream no more (so never)! Get in before 15 January to receive an nbn ready modem, nbn activation and unlimited calls with any 18mth plan for free. Create some playlists that get your creative juices flowing or find some tunes that help keep you focused!

All-in-one wireless printer

Although most documents get transferred via the cloud, there is still times that call for a printer! Modern wireless printers can talk to your phone, tablet and computer without needing to be physically connected although it is good to have a USB and Ethernet input to be safe.

A hearty Mobile plan

Sometimes it’s nice to have one phone that’s purely for work and one purely for personal use. You need to be kept in the loop but sometimes you just want to turn both off! Life’s easier with separate on/off buttons for work and play and it just got easier with 2GB of data and $600 of included value for only $9.99 for the first 6mth ($19.99 thereafter) on a no lock-in plan. The 4G network will connect you fast while on the go and won't burn through your pocket at the same speed. Be quick, this offer ends 31 December!

Head to our website for more details on available mobile and NBN plans and to chat to our staff online or just give us a call and we'll answer any of your questions and get the process started!



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