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How much data do I need?

1st November 2016

*This is just a guide to help you choose your usage

We’ve pulled together a handy little guide to help you decipher what you need for your online habits.


Let’s be honest, streaming is a bit of a hog when it comes to usage. For High Definition (HD) streaming, expect around 3GB per hour. Most movies are longer than one hour so it’s more likely to cost you about 4GB. This could potentially be the end of your broadband in one TV binge. Check how much your film might be costing you or your movie marathon might be cut short. Standard Definition (SD) only uses around 1GB per hour making it a lot more affordable on a smaller data budget.

Social Stalking

At 2MB per minute, an everyday Facebook user can use around 2GB per month. Social media stalking and thumb scrolling is totally fine, just not for a small plan below 50GB. Watch out for those auto play videos, they’ll take all your data.

Skype and VoIP

Voice calls on Skype only use about 360KB per minute. About 48 hours of straight voice calls per month would use just 1GB. Video calls are slightly different. They can chew up a bit more data depending on settings like definition but as a basic rule of thumb, 0.5GB per hour. Still not enough to spook you out.


We have to clear something up. Streaming uses the same amount of data as downloading does. For 5 minutes of HD vine/fail compilations, you’ve just spent 62MB of your allowance. Nothing if you’re on 100GB but then again that’s only 5 minutes. It also goes beyond YouTube. Videos are embedded in most things. Autoplay is really not great for those on a tight GB budget.

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