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Benefits for your home

20th October 2016

Streaming is life…

The NBN holds the key to opportunities in education, business, entertainment, health care and sociability. It gives everyone the potential to be more productive, more creative and more efficient for decades to come!

Needy and Internet greedy is now the norm.

Work, life balance

Working from home is becoming a very real and favorable option for many people. Fast and reliable internet connection has now entered the home so if you don’t want to leave you bedroom, you don’t have to! Freedom and flexibility; it's not just for families, it's for everyone.

Connecting with those that matter

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, smoother video conferencing makes face to face contact easy, enjoyable and reliable.

Better for busy households

Fighting over which family member is downloading the most can cause some serious tantrums. With NBN, everyone can be online at the same time without lag! Yup, multiple devices and all enjoying the same speed. The more the merrier.

Entertainment for everyone

Video streaming, online games, music and photos, access to international TV shows and your favorite sport; now you can enjoy all your entertainment on any connected device in your home. Watch I, spread it, NBN it!

A brighter future

The nbn's™ network provides the potential to change the way we learn, extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom. It’s expected to provide future generations with the opportunity to flourish in the digital world. Equip your kids for success and get in before November 30th to get a free nbn modem and free unlimited national and AU mobile calls for your first full month with any 18mth NBN plan. Still not sure? We'll throw in standard nbn activation as well!

Head to our website for more details and to chat to our staff on online or just give us a call and we'll answer any of your questions and get the process started!




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