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Best in the business

16th August 2016

Sick of checking into a hotel only to find that the in-room Wi-Fi will cost you just about the same amount as the actual room? Seems criminal be charged by the hour for internet so why not BYO?

Exetel’s mobile internet is great for on-the-go or even just at home as our great range of mobile broadband plans will suit EVERYONE's needs. We have bonus data allowances which mean right now you can get up to 30GB for $79.99/mth or 1.5 GB on our 1.2GB bonanza plan for just $9.99/mth. Don’t believe it? Have a look for yourself!

Get FREE activation on our BYO device 4G SIM only mobile broadband and get data usage alerts, 4G and4G Plus speeds, excess data at $10/GB and best of all; all on a month-to-month contract. Order before 30 September 2016 and get bonus data and FREE activation for the first 12 months. Head to our website for more details and to chat to our staff online or just give us a call and we'll get you on your way.




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