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Addicted to streaming?

5th July 2016

Addicted to streaming?

We love streaming data. Our addiction runs deep with the average Aussie household using 7 devices and all scrambling to get online at the same time.

The options are endless with Netflix, Stan and YouTube chewing up our valuable data with our solid streaming behaviors.

Nbn co’s network traffic report concluded that the average total data usage (upload and download) per user on an NBN service is 128GB per month – that’s about 64 hours video streaming.

Next time you get comfy on the couch ready for an evening of ‘Netflix and Chill’ make sure you’re covered with your data allowance. You don’t want it to drop to a snail's pace right before the crucial scene. Devastation would be an understatement. High definition churns through 3 times as quickly so maybe think twice before upping the definition.

We have unlimited plans from $59/month or contact us and we’ll sort out the best option for your streaming addiction.

For more information on data usages for YouTube and Netflix, check out our blog post on How much data do I need?.




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