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9 reasons to choose an Exetel value-packed NBN plan

21st June 2016

Anytime data usage

Unlike many other internet providers we don’t split your download allowance between peak and off peak times periods. We give you 100% of your allowance to use whenever you choose to use it.

30 Free email addresses

That’s a lot of email addresses. More than enough to cover everyone in your household. If you’re a club or association, you’ve got enough email addresses to cover many of your members.

Optimised for streaming

We optimise the performance of IPTV streaming services to ensure you get the best possible viewing experience.

Flexible contract terms

Choose between a 12 month contract or go month to month with no lock in!

Free ExeFone connection

You can choose to access Exetel ExeFone (VoIP) to make hassle free cheap calls via the internet. This service is free with your broadband connection. You can also access a range of ExeFone unlimited call packs that really save you money.

Free public static IP address

We include a free static IP address with your broadband plan saving you up to $10 per month when compared to other providers.

We’re onboard with ensuring Aussies have access to fast, reliable and cheap NBN. Get involved on the NBN journey and find out if you can get it at your house here .




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