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Exetel loves giving back

30th March 2016

Our founder and Telco game changer John Linton was passionate and committed to ensuring he left a mark on the world. John’s legacy of supporting a number of environmental causes that could make a difference and support our planet still continue within the Exetel family today.

Our team makes regular contributions to preserving many of Australia’s endangered flora and fauna and have contributed to many projects for Gouldian Finch, Black Cockatoo, Western Ground Parrot, Long-Nosed Potaroo, Red-Tailed Phascogale, Regent Honeyeater and Spiny Daisy conservation. We’re also involved in the Sri Lankan Elephant/Human Conflict Reduction Programme.

Find out more about our charitable initiatives and how the Exetel family continues to change the Telco old school world.



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