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The buzz about the NBN

7th February 2016

Getting the NBN

The NBN roll out is about giving speedy, reliable internet services to all Australians. Check out the official NBN Co website for the full low down.

Say what?

Have you heard the latest election buzz? The NBN is Australia’s shiny telecommunications system that is currently being rolled out. NBN Co is removing and turning off the old copper lines that have previously connected you to the World Wide Web and replacing them with fast fibre optic cabling.

NBN 101

Pretty much all of Australia are expected to be involved by 2020. The corporation handling the whole project it is known as NBN, a Government entity who are responsible for the infrastructure and equipment that the NBN will be provided through.

The NBN team are behind the construction and rollout of the NBN, the whole sellers. Internet providers like us have no involvement until the NBN is constructed and live in your area. That’s when you get in contact with us to get super fast and cheap NBN plans.

Joining the NBN party

Areas are being connected weekly with green lights and speed of up to 100/mbps becoming more available for all Australians. Interested in when you can get connected? Check it out on the official NBN website or the NBN coverage map. Register your details with us and we’ll keep you ahead of the latest developments and super cheap plans available.

NBN benefits

Cooper just isn’t cutting it when it comes to our increasing need for speed and entertainment over the Internet. It’s also helping us build different, faster and more reliable connections to both the local and global marketplace. Gone are the days of blaming your geeky brother for downloading something and slowing down the net speed. Best of all, we’ve got twice as many devices than before and the NBN will help you maintain the speed you need! Buffer no more…

If you want more NBN info the NBN Co have some helpful resources on their website. If you’re not sure what the best option is for you or thinking of switching over, our team can chat you through the process either via chat on our website or contact us over the phone.




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